The Paleo Food Pyramid

The paleo diet is recommended for people with certain health disorders or suffering from obesity. Why specifically so? Because it is an excellent diet for weight loss that also prevents the appearance of many ailments and generally strives for gaining you a leaner, stronger and fitter physique. Experts believe that cavemen who lived during the Paleolithic era, after which this diet is named, lived longer and were generally stronger. This is what the paleo diet seeks to bring to our modern food culture.

The reason behind the principle of following the caveman’s eating habits is that the foods our ancestors consumed were simply those that they had access to: natural products without preservatives, long before the advent of technological advances in agriculture and modern food processing methods. There were no processed foods, genetically modified organisms, no artificial flavorings or additives. All they ate came from plants they found around them or animals they hunted.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Studies have shown that the paleo diet can reduce body weight and also treat certain heart defects. It’s also useful in detoxifying the system because the recommended foods in its menu don’t contain any preservatives, responsible for burdening the body with toxins.

Which Foods Are Allowed in the Paleo Diet?

The food pyramid can help you identify which foods allowed in this diet and which aren’t. Studying the food pyramid is essential, as it will help you include all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your meals. The top layer holds the foods that should be added to the diet in small amounts. The middle one holds what has to be added in larger quantities when compared to the top layer. Finally, the bottom layers are for the foods that should be consumed in large quantities and more often.

The food pyramid was presented in 1992, and it advised people to include a lot of carbohydrates in the diet. In addition, it also placed fats and oils near the top of the pyramid –which meant people needed to take them in small amounts– mainly because of the fear that fats equal cholesterol and are harmful to one’s health.

However, in 2005 a modified food pyramid followed the first one. The main distinctions of the new scheme now placed importance on supplementing the diet with regular exercise. Fats and oils were given more importance, and a slight decline in grains consumption was recommended. Although paleo diet proponents were happy with this decline, they still stand firm that grains and dairy products are not beneficial to one’s health. They’ve been associated with problems in the gut lining and the immune system, and are held responsible for many heart ailments.

The Paleo Diet Food Pyramid

Paleo Food Pyramid

The paleo diet recommends only all-natural foods, avoiding dairy products and whole grains. In the paleo food pyramid, the topmost layer holds spices that are added to the dishes that we prepare. Spices provide taste to the food we eat, and they are used as salt substitutes because they are much healthier. However, they should only used in small amounts.

The next layer is given to olive oil, nuts, fish oils rich in omega-3, seeds, and avocadoes. These food items are rich sources of monounsaturated fats and should be included in the diet in small amounts. Nuts are often said to have a lot of protein, but they are better consumed only in small proportions as they can affect our body temperature.

Next in the paleo food pyramid is the layer including meat, fish and eggs. You can have a lot of fresh meat and seafood if you wish to get a healthy physique, free from fat. Protein is responsible for muscle mass, and protein is found in all meats and seafood.

Then follows the fruits layer. Fruits are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They have to be consumed fresh, however, for one to get the most nutrients. The most preferred fruits in the paleo diet are berries. You can also have other fruits, as most are safe and healthy, even when consumed in large quantities.

Finally, we should also add vegetables. Organic and fresh vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and should also be consumed in significant quantities.

This is the paleo food pyramid version; try it to control your weight naturally and enhance your health. Results are usually observed within a few weeks of adhering to the diet’s rules. Soon after subscribing to the caveman diet, you will experience your body changing, becoming leaner, stronger and fitter!

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