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Can You Follow the Paleo Diet during Pregnancy

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The paleo diet has many health benefits for people of all ages. It is designed in a way that benefits one’s health and overall well-being through the nutritional food products it recommends. However, not all of us know that the paleo diet is also specifically recommended if you’re pregnant, or even before pregnancy.

The menu of the paleo diet restricts foods that are oily –in particular, those of the fast food variety– and foods loaded with preservatives, such as canned or bottled products. These have a damaging effect to our nervous system and other internal organs. But for pregnant women in specific, the paleo diet has diverse effects, as we’ll examine below.

Paleo During Pregnancy

A first thing to note is that the paleo diet is a suitable dietary plan to follow during pregnancy. It provides the dieter with a lot of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for a worry-free pregnancy. Of course, following the paleo diet increases your chances of getting pregnant in the first place. For this reason, women that have trouble conceiving may find a solution in the paleo diet as it encourages the intake of food products that are known to encourage fertility.

Studies have shown that if the homocysteine level in our bloodstream is high, the chances of getting pregnant decrease because this secretion doesn’t encourage conception. A paleo diet can overcome this defect as it lowers the homocysteine level in the bloodstream, thereby increasing a woman’s chances of conceiving.

The paleo diet includes natural oils, such as olive oil, avocado, omega 3, and more. All these are rich sources of fatty acids which are essential for a healthy nervous system. Furthermore, the fatty acids can help in pregnancy as they aid the healthy development of the fetus’s eyes and brain. There are a lot of food choices available for the pregnant woman in the paleo diet.

Iron is also essential for a healthy pregnancy, as the mother needs a large supply of it to keep her circulation healthy. For this, red meat consumption is advised. Animal meat is rich in protein and also in iron, both which are highly needed during pregnancy.

Animal protein is also necessary for the growth and development of muscles and the human brain. Muscles need to be healthy as well, as this is crucial during child delivery. For healthy brain development, animal protein is needed, as it promotes the growth of nerves and brain tissue.

All pregnant women are asked to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, since they supply enormous amounts of vitamins and phytonutrients. These are essential for fighting diabetes too. During pregnancy, the chances of getting diabetes are higher because of the increase in gastric secretions.

Therefore the need exists to prevent diabetes and digestion-related problems during this delicate period. The pregnant woman should also keep away from food that contains anything artificial, such as sweeteners, preservatives, and other man-made flavorings, consuming instead only what nature has intended for us to eat.

Following the paleo diet during pregnancy results in a healthier and fitter newborn, as well as making sure the pregnancy itself runs as smoothly as possible.