Making paleo bread

Guess what? You can still eat bread on Paleo! Here are 4 tips how…

Let’s face it: bread is the ultimate comfort food… But does bread fits in a healthy diet like Paleo. Like any carbohydrate, when it comes to the Paleo Diet, it’s all about choosing the right kind if you want to lose weight and improve your overall health. But with so many brands on the market, where […]

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What is paleo diet

What Is the Paleo Diet? What Are It’s Uses?

What exactly is the paleo diet? In name, the paleo diet is the abbreviated form of “Paleolithic diet”. It’s also sometimes called ‘’the caveman diet’’, ‘’the Stone Age diet’’, or ‘’the hunter–gatherer diet’’. It is based in the principle that our distant ancestors stayed healthy and stronger for longer by taking in certain food products […]

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Caveman Diet

What Is the Caveman Diet? It’s Benefits and Problems

What exactly is the caveman diet? This is the question many people ask when they hear of it for the first time. Essentially, the caveman or paleo diet is a dietary plan based on the food culture of people who existed on Earth in the Paleolithic Era. Long before the advent of agriculture and modern […]

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what to eat in paleo

What Can You Eat in the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is a natural dietary plan which follows the eating habits of people that lived during the Stone Age. The cavemen only had at their disposal natural food, without the additives and preservatives that burden our health nowadays because of modern food processing. Therefore the paleo diet, often called ‘’the caveman diet’’, is […]

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How to lose weight with paleo diet

Lose Weight with the Paleo Diet

How does the paleo diet promote weight loss? The paleo diet, which includes only protein-rich ingredients in the foods it allow, is considered one of the best dietary plans in the world suitable for weight loss. Paleo foods provide the dieter with a minimal amount of calories while at the same time building a lean, […]

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Paleo Snacks

Easy to Make Paleo Snacks

The paleo diet, also called the caveman diet, aims to introduce us to the healthy food habits of our distant ancestors that lived during the Paleolithic Age. Since their meals contained no preservatives, they provided them only with all the necessary nutrients to lead a heavily active lifestyle. Paleo snacks, therefore, are snacks based on […]

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Primal Blueprint Diet Vs Paleo Diet

The Paleo Primal Diet: Primal Vs Paleo

The paleo primal diet is not a single dietary plan but a combination of two diets. Both the primal and the paleo diet are what we call ‘’caveman diets’’, based on the eating habits of our distant ancestors. People in the Paleolithic era had access only to all-natural foods that fueled them with enough energy […]

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Can You Follow the Paleo Diet during Pregnancy

The paleo diet has many health benefits for people of all ages. It is designed in a way that benefits one’s health and overall well-being through the nutritional food products it recommends. However, not all of us know that the paleo diet is also specifically recommended if you’re pregnant, or even before pregnancy. The menu […]

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Paleo Pizza Recipe

Healthy and Delicious: Paleo Pizza Recipe

Paleo diet pizzas are filled with many nutrients that you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a pizza, as we have classified it as a type of junk food. The list of ingredients in a paleo pizza, however, restricts all non-organic food products, and this is why it’s considered a healthy alternative. You can even […]

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Paleo Lunch Recipes

Ideas for Appetizing Paleo Lunch Recipes

The paleo diet is unlike any other health diet which restricts us from eating a wide variety of foods. Following the paleo diet’s rules, we’re allowed to eat anything that nature offers us. There’s no restriction in eating any kind of fleshy food as long as what we consume supplies all the essential nutrition for […]

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