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Paleo Pizza Recipe

Healthy and Delicious: Paleo Pizza Recipe

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Paleo diet pizzas are filled with many nutrients that you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a pizza, as we have classified it as a type of junk food. The list of ingredients in a paleo pizza, however, restricts all non-organic food products, and this is why it’s considered a healthy alternative. You can even replace dough with beef, provided it’s fresh and unpreserved.

Paleo pizza can be prepared by using any kind of recipe. The only thing to pay attention to is to make a crust without using the ingredients normally included in pizza crusts. The rest is simple.

Paleo pizza can be made with almond flour. This flour is a substitute for regular dough, which is mostly composed of whole grains not allowed in the paleo diet.

Most diets aiming to improve our health prevent us from eating fast food such as pizzas and burgers, but the paleo diet allows all food varieties with some twists in the regular ingredients. Eating pizza for weight loss may be unthinkable, but it’s an option made available by the paleo diet. Make good use of it by finding new recipes and experimenting with the ingredients for variety.

Paleo Pizza Recipe

A Simple Paleo Pizza Recipe

Here we will show you how to make a paleo pizza using a sample recipe. However, you can make different variations to it, as long as the ingredients you use as substitutes for the regular ones are allowed in the paleo diet plan.

For the base crust, use two cups of almond flour and one cup of arrowroot powder. Add baking powder in the same proportion and salt. Oregano is often used for many recipes in the paleo diet. Here, you have to add 1 ½ teaspoons of organic and fresh oregano. Add three eggs and some almond milk for the base crust preparation. Black pepper is frequently used as a topping for paleo pizzas. Preheat the oven to about 425 degrees Fahrenheit. To make the crust thicker, leave it in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Rich in Nutrients

Paleo pizzas are a rich source of nutrients. Nutrients in almonds, meat, and other foods are sourced from perfect cooking, so it’s important to learn how to cook a pizza properly.

There exist many types of paleo pizza, depending on the purpose. If the dieter is aiming for weight loss, then a good serving of various kinds of nuts and lean meat is used. You can prepare “supreme” pizzas by adding black olives, bell peppers, mushrooms and green onions. To obtain more muscle mass, on the other hand, the ingredients have to be adjusted accordingly.

Paleo diets are almost entirely based on meats, relying on fleshy but lean protein products. Lean meat is a good source of protein. However, you also need a lot of other nutrients, so you should include in your recipe enough vegetables to supply the vitamins and minerals that your body needs as well.