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Paleo Lunch Recipes

Ideas for Appetizing Paleo Lunch Recipes

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The paleo diet is unlike any other health diet which restricts us from eating a wide variety of foods. Following the paleo diet’s rules, we’re allowed to eat anything that nature offers us. There’s no restriction in eating any kind of fleshy food as long as what we consume supplies all the essential nutrition for our bodies. The paleo diet is capable of achieving this, and there are a number of recipes in its menu that make sure we get all the nutrients we need to perform our day-to-day activities efficiently.

Subscribing to the paleo diet isn’t very difficult. Even avoiding the restricted foods in its menu is simple – you only have to avoid all dairy products, whole grains and processed foods. Everything else is consumable.

Paleo Lunch Recipes

Many of us are fond of meat dishes such as BBQ or steaks. In a sense, this is what the cavemen had too, hundreds of thousands of years ago. Any type of raw meat can be cooked barbecue-style for the paleo diet. And it’s not only fresh meat that can be barbecued –or, in this sense, grilled– but fruits as well.

A Unique Barbacoa Recipe

Here is a barbacoa beef recipe which you will love. The ingredients you need are: roast beef, a little coconut oil or ghee, some apple cider vinegar, spices, adobo sauce, beef stock, juniper berries, and dried oregano. First, heat the beef in a pan with a little oil until it’s browned and set it aside. Next, mix all the spices, berries and oregano, and pour the mixture on the beef. Then use the pressure cooker to thoroughly cook this barbacoa beef.

Chicken Liver Salad Recipe

Liver is considered to have been an important dish for the caveman. It’s also a highly recommended meal today, due to its nutritious qualities.

Here is the recipe for a chicken liver salad with raspberry vinaigrette that is very easy to prepare and saves you a lot of time. Get a small amount of chicken livers, some arugula, raspberry balsamic vinegar, black pepper, olive oil, and Celtic sea salt. Cook the livers in olive oil for about 8-10 minutes. Then add a little olive oil and vinegar to it. Serve this with arugula as topping.

A Healthy Fish Dish

Our next recipe is gingered carrots with mahi mahi. You need sliced carrots and onions, some mahi mahi, chicken broth, garlic, ginger, and lemon juice. First, cook the sliced carrots in coconut oil for some time and then mix together the chicken broth, onions, and black pepper in a separate bowl. Add some onions to the carrots in the pan. Now add the rest of the spices and butter to the main dish. Pour some lemon juice on it and sprinkle sea salt and pepper to enhance taste. Finally, it’s time to cook the fish. The dish is served hot.

The Versatility of Eggs

Egg salads are easy to make and versatile in terms of cooking. The paleo diet includes a lot of natural foods and eggs constitute one ingredient which can be cooked in many different ways and is easily combined with a variety of ingredients.

Fruits and Soups

Add some fresh fruit juices or soups to your lunch in order to make sure your nutritional needs are 100% met by your diet. You can make your own smoothies using your favorite fruits. The only thing to note is that you should refrain from using refined sugar, as the fruit already have their natural sweetness. If you want to make their taste sweeter, you may put in a little honey instead.

These were just a few recipes for paleo lunch ideas. They are ideal especially if you’re aiming to lose weight and obtain a leaner shape. The more practiced and experienced you become in paleo cooking, the more you will be able to experiment and prepare more complicated dishes.