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How to make paleo pancake

How to Make Paleo Pancakes

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Following the paleo diet, or caveman diet as it’s alternatively called, does not mean you only have to eat foods that are barbecued or cooked on grill. You have plenty of options and recipes at your disposal to prepare a great variety of meals. With some changes in the ingredients of ‘’normal’’ recipes you can adjust the method of preparation and make practically any dish you want – even pizzas, breads, burgers, pancakes, and more. The paleo diet merely restricts you from eating certain food types such as dairy products and whole grains, which have been shown to have damaging effects to the immune system, gut lining, and one’s overall health.

One delicious and easy-to-make recipe for the paleo diet is that of paleo pancakes. Paleo pancakes include only ingredients that the paleo diet allows and for this reason they’re recommended especially for weight loss.

How to make paleo pancake

Simple Banana Pancake Recipe:

You can prepare a big variety of different paleo pancakes recipes by shifting to fruits. Here is one good recipe that makes use of bananas. It’s very simple and requires just three ingredients. All you need is: bananas, almond butter, and eggs. These are enough for making the pancakes, but if you’d rather enhance them with more flavor, you can always add to the mix your favorite ingredients, such as chocolate chips, vanilla extract, or pumpkin.

First, you need to mash the bananas to get a superb, almost liquid consistency. Add the other two ingredients – the butter and the eggs – and mix well. Cook this in a heated pan using coconut oil, as always since this is the type of oil recommended in the paleo diet. The cooking process when making pancakes is very simple and takes just a few minutes, so this dish is perfect when you have limited time at your disposal.

Coconut – An Important Ingredient in Paleo Diet Recipes

You can also try out great new recipes using coconut as the main ingredient. Coconut is preferred not only for its exquisite taste but also for its fibre and protein, elements necessary for a healthy diet and an energetic performance of daily activities. Normally, we get fibre from whole grains, but in the paleo diet we need to avoid these grains as they are damaging for our well-being, and for this reason coconut is used as an alternative source of fibre. And an added advantage is that you can use as much coconut as you want, as it can never harm your health in any way! Coconut milk or coconut oil is often the best ingredient for any preparation in the paleo diet.

Making pancakes is not that difficult and could be easily handled by anyone. Here is a list of ingredients that are essential for making the perfect pancakes: get some coconut flour –as you cannot use regular, whole-grain flour–, coconut milk, salt, water, nutmeg, dark chocolate chips, cardamom, pure vanilla extract, and of course coconut oil. These ingredients are all natural and allowed in the paleo diet, which is not surprisingly followed by many people specifically for the purpose of losing weight and maintaining a great physique.

Try Your Own Variations

Due to the ingredients of this recipe, you can eat as many pancakes as you want without worrying. They are perfect for breakfast because they provide you with the energy you need to start the day, and for providing your body with the calories you need to burn without burdening it at the same time with unnecessary fat. Paleo pancakes are also perfect when you are in a rush as they’re fairly quick and simple to make. Just make sure to always use coconut milk instead of other types of oil. Try your own variations of this recipe. You can use almost any type of fruit except those that are too sweet. And if you want a fuller meal, you can pair the pancakes with breakfast meat strips on the side.