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The NeanderThin Diet- Foods Included and Its benefits

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Playing on the words ‘’Neanderthal’’ and ‘’thin’’, the NeanderThin diet is also known as ‘’the caveman diet’’ or simply ‘’paleo diet’’. It’s a serious dietary plan that’s based on what cavemen used to eat back in the day.


What the NeanderThin Diet Is All About

Our current lifestyle and ways of eating undoubtedly have a damaging effect on our health, given all the additives, preservatives and artificial flavors that the processed foods we eat nowadays contain. Despite the advances and benefits we gain from the evolution of technology, it seems that the disadvantages – specifically, the harm it does to our health – far outweigh the benefits when it comes to healthy food preparation. In this sense, our contemporary diet is considered worse than that which the cavemen followed.

This is why the NeanderThin diet only depends on those foods that were available to our distant ancestors. Its principle is to return to consuming only natural foods, which are ridden of preservatives and artificial substances proven to harm our well-being. For this reason, nothing but what cavemen used to eat is allowed in the paleo diet.

Which Foods Are Included And Which Are Excluded?

The NeanderThin diet generally dictates that we consume only those foods that are edible in their raw form, with little or no cooking at all. It also specifies that we use only natural cooking methods. Traditional ovens and microwave ovens, for instance, aren’t made use of in the NeanderThin diet.

The NeanderThin diet avoids all whole grains and dairy products. These products are rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, also called instant energy providers, is what our bodies have learned to burn nowadays instead of their best and most favorite fuel: fat. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates – as we do with our current food habits – there is a great possibility that this will result in weight gain. That happens because the body starts burning the increased amount of carbs it receives, and chooses to store fat for later, to burn in emergency situations. However, since today we almost never need to go without eating for prolonged periods of time, we don’t rely on our fat supplies. In turn, fat is amassed in the body, which leads to weight gain and, often, obesity.

How Weight Loss Is Achieved in the NeanderThin Diet

Carbohydrates provide an instant supply of energy to our muscles, so whenever you work out you get enough energy from the carbs you take in. If this amount is reduced, or if the carbohydrates which can burn immediately are minimized in your diet, your body starts looking for an alternative source of energy. The only available alternative source for getting energy is fat. The excess fat that is stored in the liver, therefore, is what gets used in the end. Thus, stored fat is burned in the absence of carbs, and weight loss follows. This is exactly what happens when one follows the NeanderThin diet and it’s also the reason why the program is often called ‘’the no-carb diet’’. This is also the reason this particular diet is prescribed for weight loss.

Other Benefits of the NeanderThin Diet

The NeanderThin diet not only reduces fat and carbs intake; it also delivers more, equally useful results. The caveman diet is rich in lean protein and nutrients, and dictates the consumption of fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, and seeds. These are essential for a healthy growth and body development. Our regular diet doesn’t provide all these, however. Lean protein, for example, is responsible for the growth of muscle. When fat is reduced and protein is increased, your physique and health are more balanced, hence you’ll pretty soon achieve your ideal body shape. This is what the NeanderThin diet aims to achieve. And at the same time, it also keeps you safe from a number of ailments such as diarrhea, heart attack, circulatory disorders, and more.

Following a NeanderThin diet doesn’t actually restrict you from eating a variety of dishes. You can still prepare favorite foods such as pizzas and burgers, but with a few minor changes in the ingredients and the way they’re prepared. Eating lot of meat and fruits isn’t hard to follow, but shifting from the current fried and baked foods to naturally cooked foods may be difficult for some. Eat more fresh foods, made of natural ingredients, and stay away from preserved and processed food items – this is the basic tenet of the NeanderThin diet.

Are you ready to have a long and full life? Perhaps you should give this caveman diet a try and see the results for yourself.