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Make Your Paleo Diet Energy Bars Yourself

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Paleo diet bars are similar to the energy bars many of us eat to get an instant supply of fuel for the day. Most energy bars are rich in carbohydrates and fats, unlike paleo bars in which the calorie count is very low. This is why they’re preferred by many people who want to lose weight and gain fitness. If you’re following a weight loss diet, then eating energy bars is recommended.


What Paleo Bars Are Made Of

When following weight loss diets, we tend to radically reduce the amount of food we eat. As a result, the required nutrients we obtain have to be squeezed into what little we consume. For this reason, paleo bars are recommended when you’re following the diet. Not all energy bars are of the paleo type, however, because paleo bar ingredients need to be all-organic.

Nuts and Seeds

Paleo bars usually don’t contain sugar or other preservatives, faithful to the principles of the paleo diet. They often make use of nuts and fruit in large proportions. Nuts and seeds are what any person should consume if they wish to gain muscle mass and reduce fat at the same time. Here you will find some delicious paleo bar recipes that differ in nutritional content and ingredients from most energy bars. You may think that not using sugar in your homemade power bar can render it tasteless, but give these recipes a try and you will find they are as tasty as any other, and healthier.

Make Your Own Paleo Bar

A paleo bar recipe includes half cup of cocoa, and almond flour in the same proportion. Prepare some shredded coconut – about 2 cups. Coconut oil has to be added for fat content; about 8 tablespoons of it would suffice. In order to sweeten this bar, use some honey. Mix shredded coconut, cocoa, and almond flour in a bowl. In the meantime, heat the mixture of coconut oil and honey. Pour the heated mixture on the almond flour mixture. Make this settle by pressing and wrapping. Afterwards, place in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Your paleo bar will be ready by then.

Almond is a key ingredient in any paleo bar and so it has to be made good use of in every recipe. There are many varieties of paleo bars, such as apricot bars, cherry, and spice bars. The ingredients vary slightly, but the preparation process is the same for all types. For an apricot bar, you need to mix the almonds, seeds, nuts, dates, and apricots together and put them in a processor. Then put some coconut oil or butter on each end of the bar and put in the freezer.

For a spice bar of the paleo type, you only need to put a spice kick into the bar. The rest of the ingredients remain the same. Follow the same procedure as before, adding some salt if you wish. You can also make cherry bars just by adding cherries and coconut to the recipe. Pour the heated spice mixture to the basic preparation and store it in the freezer for a few minutes to allow it to set. You will find that once you have mastered the basic recipe, you can add almost any combination of fruits, nuts, and spices to your paleo bars. Then you can enjoy a healthy snack that will fill you with energy!