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Paleo For Acne

Fight and Get Rid of Acne Using the Paleo Diet

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Paleo foods help you get rid of acne in a short period of time. ‘’Paleo diet’’ is the name of a modern dietary plan based on the eating habits of our distant ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic Era. Long before the advances in agricultural technology and modern food processing methods, our ancestors led a healthy and physically demanding lifestyle fueled by mostly raw or little cooked food. The paleo diet seeks to revive their habits, promoting an all-natural eating plan, free of additives and preservatives that characterize most modern food items and which are responsible for many damaging effects on our health.

The paleo diet involves the consumption of high-protein and low-carbohydrate foods. It includes natural herbs and spices, and also fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, nuts and oils. At the same time, the diet excludes from its food list many of those we nowadays consider our favorite dishes, flavorings and food products, such as processed foods, bread, oats, coffee, refined sugar, refined salt, alcoholic beverages, fermented beverages, and many more.

Paleo For Acne


Benefits of the Paleo Diet 

There are plenty of benefits to gain by following the paleo diet plan, but one of the most important ones has to do with the successful treatment of acne. A lot of people subscribe to the paleo diet because of the overwhelming health benefits it results in, such as weight control, increased energy, increased metabolism, regulated hunger, and many more. Teenagers, however, or adults with acne prefer it specifically for its amazing results against the specific ailment.

The Paleo Diet against Acne

The benefits of the paleo diet don’t by any means stop in attaining an overall healthy well-being. It has also been proven effective in treating various skin-related issues.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems experienced by people all over the world. Nearly 17 million Americans are suffering from acne according to studies. But if one follows the paleo diet regularly, then the chance of getting rid of the acne increases gradually. Herbs, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit are important foods that are useful in treating acne, and these food items exactly are what the paleo diet recommends.

Eating as suggested by the paleo diet gains you those essential and healthy vitamins and minerals that fight the growth and spread of acne. The main thing to note when treating acne with the minerals and vitamins contained in the following food items is that they should be taken in small quantities, as they can result in increased body weight when consumed in excessive amounts.

Brazil nuts are particularly good for controlling acne as they‘re rich in zinc, calcium, and iron. Most of the green vegetables are recommended for cleaning the skin to a great extent. The paleo diet includes various green vegetables which are responsible for body cleansing, which also get rid of the bacteria causing acne. Moreover, unlike artificial medications that are prescribed for acne, the paleo diet is guaranteed to not result in serious side-effects, since the food sources it uses are completely organic and the diet itself recommends only natural herbs and spices.

Consequently, following the paleo diet and knowing what to include in your food list will help you fight various skin diseases, acne among them. You are likely to see results after a considerable period of time, however, as this is a gradual treatment and elimination of acne isn’t achieved immediately.

The paleo diet is expected to cure about 85% of the acne in the facial region in about two weeks. If you are tired of acne medications that come with serious side effects, it’s about time you switched to the paleo diet instead.