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Types of paleo breakfast

Types of Paleo Diet Breakfast and Omlette Muffins Recipe

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One of the diet plans that have spread like wildfire all over the world during the last years, the paleo diet plan is often argued to be the best available. Its principle and eating rules are patterned after the diet of our distant ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic era. Their food sources were free of preservatives and additives, which originated later with the advent of agriculture and the development of cooking and food processing methods.

For this reason, most food items included in the paleo diet meal plan are unprocessed, unpreserved, and sugar-free. On the other hand, all dairy products, processed oils, desserts, potatoes, and many other food items that either aren’t natural or contain additives are excluded from this diet plan.

Types of paleo breakfast

Thousands of years ago, the cavemen ate fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and fish – organic food items which allowed them to live healthier and longer lives while fueling a very active day-to-day lifestyle. In a similar way, aiming to be strong and healthy like the cavemen, many people all over the world started following the paleo diet. If our ancestors were healthy eating these food products in this specific way, why not do the same?

The paleo diet may be difficult to follow, as its exclude various favorite dishes such as desserts, breads, sweets, snacks, and other processed food items. The food list of the paleo diet consists mostly of raw food products, natural herbs, and spices to flavor the food. One should learn how to eat unprocessed foods in order to follow the paleo diet.


Paleo Diet Breakfast:

Following the paleo diet, it’s quite challenging to determine what type of food to choose when it comes to breakfast. In the first place, any type of bread isn’t allowed. And since many of us are so used to croissants, bagels, or pancakes for breakfast, it may be difficult to imagine what food we could use to substitute pastry.

In the paleo diet, omelet for breakfast is highly recommended. This is because virtually any allowed ingredient can be mixed in an omelet, and it is relatively easy to prepare. For instance, a paleo omelet may contain spinach and mushrooms.

As breakfast is the most important meal in the paleo diet plan, you should be very careful in deciding what goes into the breakfast recipe. We depend on this first meal of the day to provide us with sufficient energy to perform daily activities. A healthy breakfast improves blood circulation and will also reduce hunger during the rest of the day.

Here you will find a paleo breakfast recipe, which not only is packed with the necessary nutrients to start your day full of energy but is also easy to prepare.

Omelet Muffins:

Omelet muffins contain natural fats and proteins. This dish helps towards maintaining blood glucose levels at a normal rate. At the same time, it provides enough energy for the day and aims to increase your stamina.

Eggs are the key ingredient in this omelet muffin breakfast. As protein is a source of energy and because eggs are rich in protein, egg muffins is one of the best breakfast dishes to go for.

The major ingredients needed to prepare this recipe are:

  • Coconut oil or paper muffin liners
  • 1/8 cup of water
  • 8 eggs
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups of diced vegetables, such as asparagus, red bell pepper, broccoli and onions
  • ½ BBQ chicken or lean meats cut into smaller pieces
  • 1/8 teaspoon of ground pepper

The ingredients should be blended together and scooped into muffin pans lined with coconut oil or into muffin liners. It takes only a few minutes to cook the muffins, and an added advantage is that both adults and children like them. This recipe closely mirrors what cavemen, hundreds of thousands of years ago, may have put together to make food: eggs, some meat from animals they hunted, and vegetables they could freely pick around their abode. Consequently, the ingredients in this recipe all originate from sources which were used as food way before the advent of technological advances in food processing.

Regarding the drink to accompany your breakfast muffins, the paleo diet suggests water or tea. However, you shouldn’t put sugar in it, as this isn’t allowed by the diet.